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December 11, 2012

Wii U Zelda Update

Hey guys, I’m here to tell you about the wii u zelda update. This is some pretty big stuff and some what of a touchy subject to some people. You’ve been warned. Now then, on to the wii u zelda update.

The latest news for the wii u zelda update is simply this; it is going to one hell of a game! The people working on the game have gone to great lengths to make it as hard and as long as possible! Below is a picture giving us a sneak peek at what they describe as a large forest as the first temple.

You guys realize what that means? That means no rooms, no doors, not too much help. I just hope the story is just as complicated and good to follow such a ‘threat’ of long and hard temples.

The only other wii u zelda update I have for you guys is that the game is scheduled to be released in 2014. So we have plenty of time to wait and prepare ourselves for such a compiocated game if it holds out to such a ‘threat’. Check back often for new stuff.

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