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January 14, 2013

Super Smash Bros Universe 2014

Hey guys, I came across some of the most fascinating information today. I came across some information in regards to the new Super Smash Bros Universe 2014. As you may have guessed the game will be released in 2014 alng with a brand new Legend of Zelda game in the Fall. But, the character roster has been totally finalized and now a short trailer has been put out into the world.

Now, the roster has a good variety of characters from all kinds of games like, Sonic The Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, Fire Emblem, and The Pokemon Series. These characters o9f course bring all kinds of new tactics and powers to the new Super Smash Bros Universe 2014. Some of the characters are familar faces and some are not. I personally have some unresolved issues with the roster and why some characters are even there in the first place, but that’s me.

Here’s the trailer for the new Super Smash Bros Universe 2014. The character roster starts at 07:00 and ends at 08:00. It’s not a very long trailer so please enjoy. Make sure to take the time to pause and look over the roster. Here is, Super Smash Bros Universe 2014:

That’s all I have for you about the new Super Smash Bros Universe 2014. Make sure to check back often for new stuff, you guys.

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