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September 4, 2013

Pokemon X Y Direct

Hey guys, I’m sure you’ve heard form your friends already about all of the super awesome and total cool new features released in the Pokemon X Y direct this morning, but if you haven’t see it yet I’ve got some awesome news for you. We got the video right here so you can watch the Pokemon X Y direct for yourself and see how incredibly awesome these new features are.


First off, there are two trailers for the Pokemon X Y direct. There’s this one which is the complete original and feature the head of Gamefreak, the head of The Pokemon Company, and of course the head of Nintendo. They talk about the past games and how far they’ve come which is fine and all and it let you get to know how they think about us as well as future games and game titles in future Pokemon X Y directs:


You can certainly skip all of that responsible adult talk and go for the ‘rowdy I want it now kid’ whining version where it skips straight to the point of all of the Mega Evolutions and other sweet features they’ve announced today in the Pokemon X Y direct:

Either way the stuff is good and the features are awesome. Some of the new features include new Mega Evolutions, double starters, Pokemon Bank and more. Make sure to remind yourselves that the new Pokemon X and Y games are going to be released on October, 12th, 2013 worldwide.

Also don’t forget to pre-order yours today and get the special Torchic holding a Mega Stone. That’s all I have for you guys as far as news on the Pokemon X Y goes. Make sure to check back often for new stuff just like the Pokemon X Y direct and other Pokemon news

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