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October 26, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Clothing Shops and Boutiques

Hey guys, I wanted to help you out some more by sharing all of the different kinds of shops and boutiques throughout the Kalos region. No matter where you are in the game you can surely find something that appeals to you in one of these fabulous little shops or in the big fashion city of Lumiose you know where to find something that suits you.

Santalune City: “This specialty shop carries many different hats! I’m sure you’ll be able to find one you like there!”

Lumiose City: “If you’re aiming for elegance, this is the place for you! They have clothes with designs that just radiate classiness, such as trench coats, hats, blouses with ties, and shirts. This is the lineup for you if you’re looking to take your fashion to the next level.”

Cyllage City: “If you’re making a wardrobe of sporty items, this is the place for you! They really have a great selection of vividly colored clothes. Go check it out if you want to *** a twist to your outfits.”

Laverre City: “If you’re looking to set yourself apart from your friends with clothes that have slightly different designs and lines, this is the place for you. There’s a smock top distinguished by a big ribbon, tops with touches made to the collars and sleeves, and more. There are many fine items to enjoy!”

Anistar City: “If you have to have it all and be both pretty and cute, this is the place for you! They have ruffled camisoles, skirts, sparkly dresses, and colorful shorts. This boutique’s selling point is its rich lineup of clothes.”

Snowbelle City: “If you’re looking for clothes that bring out the charms of a grown woman, this is the place. They have tops with scarves, dresses with the always-fashionable color black in them, sleeveless turtlenecks, and so much more. The refined colors and design have a subtle elegance.”

Also here are some great tips to access the Lumiose clothing store:
- 5 Badges
- Beating the 1 star and 2 star restaurants
- Shooting a Trainer Video and getting the Lens Case
- Visiting the Museum
- Doing Part-Time work at the Hotel
- Visiting every store and Pokémon Centre
- Visiting EVERY Café
- Visiting pretty much every other building as well.

I hope this guide was a little bit helpful for you guys. If you have questions let us know so we can help you guys out. Make sure to check back often for new stuff just like the Pokemon X and Y Clothing Shops and Boutiques.

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