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October 14, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Boutique Couture Items

Hey guys, I’m here to let you in on some of the hot items you can purchase at the one and only Boutique Couture in Luminose City in the new Kalos region of the new Pokemon X and Y games. I know some of you guys have had some trouble with the Boutique Couture. That’s okay. I think I can help you with this issue.

This boutique shop apparently sells fancy clothes and accessories, but they deem you not fancy enough and tell you to come back better dressed. Well! Contrary to popular belief, what your character is wearing has no bearing on it. You have to do all sorts of activities around Lumiose City, some of which are inaccessible during the blackout.

There’s a restaurant with a Triple/Rotation battle challenge that requires you to finish each battle in a set number of turns, you gotta take that challenge. There’s a hotel where you can take on certain jobs, you gotta do those. You gotta talk to people in cafes, I don’t know how many cafes, but try all of them to be on the safe side. And there’s trainers hidden in narrow alleys, you gotta battle both of them.

I think once you guys conquer these tasks you should be able to enter the Boutique Couture if not then check around other places in the city. Make sure to talk to everyone. Make sure to read everything. Look for tips and hints within the city and the game itself.

As far the items within the Boutique Couture go here’s a list of those for you guys:

Tie-Neck Blouse – Red – $100,000
Pleated Skirt – Red – $80,000
OTK Socks – White – $800
Bow Shoes – Black – $85,000
Shirt and Tie – Blue – $120,000
Bold Striped Pants – Blue – $180,000
Saddle Shoes – Brown – $110,000
Trench Coat Dress – Beige – $300,000
Single-Stripe OTK Socks – White – $2,500
Bow Shoes – Black – $85,000
Strappy Purse – $200,000
Felt Hat – $40,000
Hat Ribbon Acessory – White – $20,000

That’s all I have for you guys in terms of the items found in the Boutique Couture in Lumiose City. Also make sure to check back often for new stuff just like the items found in the Boutique Couture and the hints and tips for how to get there.

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  1. SakeTGC

    I’m just going to repost this because I’m to lazy to type it all out again on a different website.

    I got into the dress shop, I tried after being the elite four and couldnt get in so it has nothing to do with that. I’m pretty sure its one of three things. 1. Talk to everyone in town 2. Go to every venue in town. or 3. Go to every cafe in town and talk to everyone. Not entirely sure but I happened to be able to go in after i visited every cafe and talked to everyone in them but I’m not entirely sure if thats just a coincidence because I had visited every shop in town. Judging from the girls response I’m pretty sure you might just have to visit every venue and maybe talk to the shop owners. It’s definently one of those three though.

    After looking at the link that was provided im almost certain doing the restaurant battles has nothing to do with it seeing as how i did not do any of them. I also did not battle any trainers hidden in the alley ways (at least I’m pretty sure.)

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