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February 17, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Starter Evolutions Leaked

Hey guys, I’m here to share with you some very possible pokemon x and y starter evolutions leaked images. I know the anticipation has been rough for you and waiting for Nintendo and the Pokemon Company to reveal more about the pokemon x and y starter evolutions, but here is some images I managed to find. Note that these are not final Pokemon X and Y Starter Evolutions.

With the recent release of the new pokemon, Ninfia, for the new X and Y gamees, pokemon fans from all over have been craving more and more Pokemon X and Y Starter Evolutions.


It would seem like the first evolution for the starter pokemon of the new X and Y games isn’t enough for them. So here are a few of the Pokemon X and Y Starter Evolutions I have managed to scrounge up for you guys.

From left to right: Evolved form of Froakie, Evolved form of Fennekin, and Evolved form of Chespin

As you can see, these forms are in non way, shape, or form, final products of the pokemon games or actual evolutions for the new pokemon games. I personally like the Fennekin evolution. I think it would be a very fast and tactical pokemon.

That is everything I have for you abut this paricular subject on pokemon x and y starter evolutions. Make sure you guys check back often. Also remind yourself to mark on your calender that the new Pokemon X and Y games are coming to everyone world wide in the fall.

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