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September 28, 2013

New Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Center and News(SPOILERS)

Hey guys, I’m here with some inside looks at the new Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Center for the new games as well as some new information. Now some of these are spoilers so if you don’t want any part of those spoilers then that’s totally cool. But, if your curiosity is just nagging at you well we won’t stop you from seeing anything about the New Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Center.

Here’s the New Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Center from the in-game play:

As you can see everything is clearly labeled and marked as it should be. There are some new additions tot he Pokemon Center in the Pokemon X and Y games such as the Changing station. This is where I imagine that the player can change his or her clothes to his or her content. Also there’s a resting station of some sort.

Other Pokemon X and Y news is as follows and is considered the (SPOILERS)



1.) The names of the final evolutions are Frogue, Chesknight, and Kyubixen.

2.) First five gyms are Bug, Fairy, Electric, Fighting, and Steel.

3.) Alexa is a reporter from Lumiose City who will appear often in bustling cities to do reports on you and will battle you afterwards, the battles can be seen on big screens in Lumiose City.

4.)There’s a Gym Leader with blue jacket and yellow hair who you have to escort to another Gym Leader with gems in his hair. They’re supposed to be best friends and the Gym Leader with gems closes his gym down for the time being while he’s out.

5.) A boy named Aero owns a Pikachu and claims to have seen you in one of his dreams.

That’s all of the information about the New Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Center as well as the other Pokemon news. Make sure to pre-order your copy of the Pokemon X and Y games and get the special Torchic holding a Mega stone. Also, don’t forget to check back often for new stuff such as the New Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Center and other Pokemon X and Y news.

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