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The Most Epic Sudden Death Scene Ever Made

Hey guys I saw this awesome Epic Sudden Death scene made by the artist, CharlieRomeo on deviantart.com. The piece just so happened to pass through my newsfeed and I saw Link and Prince Marth dueling it out in the infamous fashi...
by Fox


Pokemon IV Calculator

Hey guys, I know that there are some very hardcore Pokemon trainers and Pokemon masters out there who train their pokemon by using the EV and IV training methods. I found a Pokemon IV Calculator and would love to help you fello...
by Fox


Custom Charizard Gameboy

Hey guys, I saw this absolutely gorgeous Custom Charizard Gameboy and had to share it with you. It is all hand painted with the skill of someone who clearly loves the first generation of Pokemon, especially Charizard. And who c...
by Fox



Peter Molyneux: “Never Underestimate Nintendo”

Hey guys, I saw this and had to let you see it for yourself. The one and only Peter Molyneux has said and I quite, “Never Underestimate Nintendo” in this recent chat with him. Veteran game developer and generally in...
by Fox


Man Stabs Girlfriend’s Ex-husband With Link’s Master Sword from Legend of Zelda

In an epic headline that could only be inspired by The Legend of Zelda, a cosplayer reached out for a replica Master Sword from the ‘Zelda’ video game series to save his life. The backstory here starts in Texas.  A...
by Chocolate Ganondorf