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Legend of Zelda Leather Journal by MilleCuirs

  As you folks can see here, this is a fine example of dedicated young art in the theme of Legend of Zelda. This is a gorgeousLegend of Zelda Leather Journal made by artist, Mille Cuirs. You can fine them on Deviantart pag...
by Fox


A Link to the Present (the Legend of Zelda) by Duc Nguyen

If Link were t be slapped with a new adventure and sent to the present times of today I would imagine it would be something like this. His clothes would be modern and he would have his iconic Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Of ...
by Zakitsune


Artist Rico Busalpa Dazzles with Pokemon Weapons

Artist Rico Busalpa (aka Rebusalpa) amazes and has Pokemon fans craving new ideas and weaponry from all over the world to take form in Pokemon colors and designs.  Rico Busalpa uses his love for Pokemon and weapons and fuses t...
by Theresa Schillinger


Source: Kickstarter

Tribal Replica Majora’s Mask on Kickstarter

It seems the number of TLoZ props popping up on Kickstarter has been growing more and more as of late. Not long ago, sites like Zeldadungeon and Zeldainformer posted stories of a Kickstarter campaign aimed at designing rupees ...
by Navi

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Facebook Down ” Something Went Wrong, We’re Working On Getting This Fixed As Soon As We Can.”

If you are trying to share posts here on HyruleCentral to Facebook, you may see a weird message in our articles right now (6/19/2014). ” Something Went Wrong, We’re Working On Getting This Fixed As Soon As We Can.&#...
by Chocolate Ganondorf