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September 6, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Bridge Scene Revealed in New Screenshot

Hey guys, I wanted to show some newly revealed stuff from a screenshot taken from the new Pokemon X and Y games. This screenshot revealed a new landscape in which the trainers can encounter new Pokemon as well as other trainers to battle. The location of the newly revealed Bridge scene is not pinpointed in the Kalos region just yet, but when we do figure that out we’ll keep you guys in the loop of things as far as the Pokemon X and Y news goes.

The screenshot also reveals that the landscape seems to be in a remote part of the new Kalos region in the Pokemon X and Y games coming out worldwide on October, 12th, 2013. Make sure to reserve your copy of the Pokemon X and Y game and get a special Torchic that is already holding a Mega Stone. Also don’t forget that you will now be able to get not one but, TWO starters in the new Pokemon X and Y games. Not pre-order is necessary for this event to happen. It is part of the in-game play and features the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow Starters.

Now then, as for this new screenshot from the Pokemon X and Y games; As we can see it would be the Y version of the Pokemon X and Y games in which the screenshot was taken seeing that Yvetal is in the shot.


What do you guys think of the new Bridge landscape over a foggy cliff side? Think it’s a bit much and little dramatic or are you fine with it and it fits the new Kalos region just fine? Let us know in the comments. I personally like the creepiness of the scene actually. It give the scene some tension of the true Pokemon master ready to battle with his/her new Pokemon partners in the Pokemon X and Y games.

That’s all I have for you guys as far as information on the new screenshot from the Pokemon X and Y games goes. Make sure to check back often for new stuff just like this new screenshot and other Pokemon X and Y news.

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