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September 5, 2013

5 Ways To Becoming A Pokemon Master

Hey guys, I’m here to tell you how you can use 5 Ways To Becoming A Pokemon Master in real life. I know Pokemon aren’t real and so many of the Pokemon fans wish that they were, but until this world can master virtual reality or holographic images of the Pokemon world and inhabitants, we’re stuck with video games, anime, and Trading card games. So, with that being said let me tell you 5 Ways To Becoming A Pokemon Master.

1.) Watching the Anime:

Watching the Anime from episode 1 to the present episode can be a good way to study battle, trading, and bonding techniques with your Pokemon. The movies are the most powerful of the observing type for this kind of training. Take notes if you need to and that way you can be ready whenever this world can master the art of virtual reality and/or Holographic imaging.

2.) Play The Trading Card Game:

It may sound like a difficult challenge, but it would be wise to at least try it. It give you the practice to pronounce the Pokemon’s names correctly while facing off against your opponents with the confidence and practice you’ll need when we master holograms and whatnot. It’ll also give you a good bonding chance with your cards. Talk to your cards as if they were real Pokemon. Reward them with good encouragement like, ‘good job’ and ‘you did great’. It helps you stay encouraged and confident while feeling good bout your choice Pokemon. Remember to keep your head up when you’re defeated. Don’t beat yourself up when you lose because your energy filters down into your cards which are your Pokemon partners and they will feel it too.

3.) Play All of The Pokemon Games:

I know that sounds ridiculous in every way, but there are different ways to interact with Pokemon whether they are real or not. You do not always have to battle with them as your partners. Just like in the anime there are other ways to connect and help the Pokemon than battling. For example in the game Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64, your character is assigned by Professor Oak to gather information about the Pokemon in their natural environments on an island. Taking pictures of Pokemon can be one of the very relaxing and fun things you could ever do with Pokemon.

Or… For another example, The recent game that is exclusive to Japan is called Pokemon Tretta Lab. A game in which you seek information about Pokemon and run them through a series of simulations and other fun things to see the outcome. Every Pokemon game is different and speak to each person differently. You be the judge of it, but you’ll never know unless you try.

4.) Experience All Pokemon:

Whether they be cards, or in the video games or even in the anime/movie, try and experience all different kinds of Pokemon even if you’re not particularly fond of them or their stats. It never hurts to try something different to get a feel for the Pokemon you will eventually be with you for a long time. Pokemon can be pets, guard pets, battling buddies, or helpful little staff of a facility. Either way it’s good to experience the many different kinds of Pokemon in the wide world. More with come and more kinds will develop over time. Remember it never hurts to try.

5.) Have The Confidence:

Having confidence to become the greatest Pokemon Master in the world take time and patience. And it may take a long time to perfect everything you want to happen. You and only you can decide when you are ready to take on the task of becoming a Pokemon Master. But when the day finally comes you’ll remember what you went through and what you’ve ready today and think to yourself that you have become the very best Pokemon Master in the world.

That’s all of the information about becoming a Pokemon Master I have for you guys today. Take this information to heart and really tell yourselves that you can do this. Make sure to check back often for new stuff just like becoming a Pokemon Master and other Pokemon news.

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