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September 18, 2013

17 Steps to Becoming A Pokemon Master

Hey guys, I’m here with some more fabulous tips and hints on how to become the very best Pokemon Master in the world! Let me start by saying that if you are not completely determined to do these tips and hints that this will be very meaningless and pointless to you and your pokemon party. So now that we’ve got your attention let’s cover the most important 17 Steps to Becoming A Pokemon Master.

1.) Train your Pokemon with wild Pokemon or trainers when you have nothing to do while playing your game. The Elite Four can be beaten an infinite number of times and are a great source of money, too! This is also a great way to bond with you party Pokemon.

2.) Get all the badges and beat the Pokemon league. That’s an obvious step. This is also good practice at being persistent towards your goals to get that badge.

3.)When you battle other people, ideally, your Pokémon should be higher leveled and powerful. Unless you’re doing it to EV train, don’t battle lower leveled Pokémon. Plus it won’t be fun or challenging if you battle a Level 100 Arceus with the Level 3 Starleys you find in the first patch of grass.

4.)Remember that cheating is not ideal if you want to be a Pokemon master. Everything should be done legitimately. It does take time and effort on your part, but if you are truly dedicated, then follow the correct path, and the tips here to become a Pokemon Master.

5.) Be kind to your friends. Make them want to work with you again. It’s much more fun that way when there are other trainers out there competing for the same thing that you are.

6.) IV train your Pokemon. IVs are things that increase your Pokemon’s stats. You have no control over IV’s. When you get a Pokemon, (Mating/Catching) it randomly calculates from 0-31. The higher the number the higher the Pokemon stats. To find what your Pokemon IV’s are go to: http://www.psypokes.com/dex/iv.php

7.) Train your Pokémon so they look like they were trained by a master. Keep them at high levels, with a wide range of attacks high stats, and a large inventory of items like Magnet, Charcoal, Mystic Water, and Miracle Seed. Make sure they cover each others’ weaknesses, too.

8.) Catch all the Pokémon that you can. Some Pokémon are rares, and cannot be caught except in a few games. Kindly ask a few friends for help like trading, advice, etc…

9.) Buy a guide book for your game if you are still struggling. This will help. there’s nothing wrong with looking in a guide book for help. It makes you resourceful.

10.) Don’t brag about your toughness. This can and will get others upset.

11.) Particularly more experienced players. Those which know the console of the game they’re playing. Otherwise they might refuse to help you, or just trash you in battle.

12.) You can never have an unbeatable team. Every team has its weaknesses, so never claim to be “unbeatable.” It also makes you seem like a jerk and less of a Pokemon Master.

13.) There is no such thing as a bad trainer. Every trainer is strong in their own way. (For example, you may have powerful Pokémon. Your friend David may have many Fire-type Pokémon. Your other friend Sarah may be exceptional in Contests. Your other other friend Billy may have many Pokémon eggs. You and each of your friends are powerful in their own way.)

14.) Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and test your skills as a Pokemon Master. It’s also a great way to make new friends and battle-buddies from all over the world.

15.) EV train your Pokémon. This will help them become stronger and more powerful than normal trained Pokémon. To EV (Effort Value) train your Pokémon, fight against a Pokémon whose main stat is the one you want your Pokémon to get stronger at. For example, a Blissey whose worst stat is Defense should train with wild Geodude or Graveler. A Geodude gives you 1 EV Point, and at every 4 points you get 1 more stat increase in that stat when it levels up, and in this case, if Blissey fought 8 Geodude and leveled up, and say, got a +3 in Defense, the Geodude gave it +2 in Defence because if you fought 8, you got 4 two times which equals a +2 bonus in Defense, where you would have normally gotten +1. Its not really that hard, and the results will make your Pokémon stronger! It may be frustrating to only fight certain Pokémon.

16.) And… Please resist the urge to cheat. If you feel the urge to cheat just walk away and take a break from that one frustrating part of the game and give yourself a rest. Your pokemon would appreciate the rest too. (Do so for personal entertainment and idea testing only. Also do it on a save file you don’t care about much so that if something goes wrong or you want a cheat free game later on, you will have one. To get started on cheating use a search engine to look for action replay ds/dsi/3ds, pokesav.)

17.) Do not use a Master ball. Save it for later. (Though there is a chance that if you breed 2 Dittos, (national dex # 132) with one of them holding the desired item, together they could give you an egg that hatches into a pokemon with a copy of the item desired.)

Alright guys, I hope that the 17 Steps to Becoming A Pokemon Master helped you as much as it should. I really do hope they helped you become a better trainer and hopefully a Pokemon Master. That’s all I have for you guys as far as the 17 Steps to Becoming A Pokemon Master goes. Make sure to check back often for new stuff like the 17 Steps to Becoming A Pokemon Master and other Pokemon news.


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